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Frequently Asked Questions

For the purpose of getting an estimate; Take a tape measure and measure the window WIDTH and HEIGHT. (WXH)

We manufacture our windows with DUAL PANE LoE^3-366 energy efficient glass.

All white vinyl windows and doors come with a lifetime warranty, and any aluminum or colored windows and doors come with a 10 year warranty. (Products and Installation)

White vinyl window and door orders can take between 7-10 business days. ( material permitting)

10 windows – 1 patio door  (Typical order) takes about a full day 8am-4 pm

We ask all furniture by the windows and doors to be moved towards the center of the room before Installation can begin. We cover all furniture with plastic sheets and apply carpet shield or Ram Board depending on the flooring. We clean up all the debris and dirt from window removal. Customers are responsible for thorough cleaning after installation. 

Yes, replacement products are custom built for each home’s specifications. Some new construction products are available in custom sizes, and some series are only offered with fixed (non-operating) units and with a maximum size of 40-square-feet for vinyl units.